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  • Posted:2012-09-26


Gail / Consideration (SMI-SM-300)
Sammy Gordon & Hipp Huggers / Jungle Bump (LuLu-1000)
Johnny Guitar Watson / Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty (DJM-DJLPA-714)
Exoutics / Exoutic Touch (GeeDee)
Live Band / A Chance For Hope (TSOB-TS-5002)
Gemini Brass / Keep On The Right Side (Gemini-GR-002)
Floaters & Shu-Ga / Get Ready For The Floaters & Shu-Ga (Fee-WW711)
Fantastic Four / Night People (Westbound W-226)
Flavor / In Good Taste (Ju-Par-JP6-1002S1)
Fatback Band / Raising Hell (Event-EV-6905)
Fatback Band / NYCNYUSA (Spring-SP-1-6714)
Joe Coleman / Get It Off The Ground (BUMP-1003)
Renzo Fraiese / 12 Engle Street (12EngleStreetTP)
Leon Haywood / Naturally (20thCenturyT-613)
Kongas / Africanism (Polydor PD1 6138)
Kongas / Anikana-O (Salsoul-SA-8512)
Leon Haywood / Double My Pleasure (MCA-2322)
Jack Ashford / Hotel Sheet (MagicDisc-MD-116)
Lorraine Johnson / Learning To Dance All Over Again (Prelude PRL12161)
LaSo / LaSo (MCA-2247)
Karma / For Everybody (Horizon SP-723)
Lord Nelson / Black Gold (Charlies RMP-0011)
Linda Hopkins / It’s In Your Blood (Columbia 23-10615)
Oasis / Ship Of The Desert (Cash-Ear-MEGCO-9251)
Levy Davis / My Brother’s Keeper (Mohkou LD-MK-1)
Nedra Edwards / Get Up and Dance (Ribido-L-81-002)
Mahogany / My Chance To Dance (Mahogany 001019XA2010)
Risse / Give It Up, Shake It Down (ChocolateChollys CC-0015)
Exact Change / Having A Good Time (Sunburst SU-537)
Playground / In A Moment (Strawberry STW1117)